Back to School

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Back to school can be a busy time for families.  Juggling a new schedule, homework, and after school activities can be tricky.  Not only can this be a transition for humans but also for our four legged friends too.

Dogs that have spent the summer frolicking with their kids will now be adjusting to days without them.  All dogs handle this change in routine differently.  While they are pack animals who enjoy the company of others, some dogs may welcome the quiet that comes with school days.  For others, this change can be tricky and they’ll need some extra support to help get them through their days.


Tips to help dogs deal with being home alone:

Schedule play time  Set aside 15-20 minutes a day to spend with your dog in the morning or evening.  Go on a walk, throw their ball, or just spend time bonding.  This helps give them an anxiety release and get rid of extra energy.

Create a safe space for them  Get the whole family involved in setting up a comfy space for your dog.  They can pick out blankets, toys, and music to help keep them happy during the day.  If your dog stays in a crate, have the kids set it up with a blanket and a toy to make it cozy.

Stay calm during departures and returns  Having their family leave the house and come back after a long day can be stressful and overwhelming.  Learn a routine of saying goodbye and then hello again without making it seem like your absence is a big deal.  Walk into the house quietly, get a treat, and calmly let them out.  This will help both you, and them, stay relaxed.

Give them puzzles or games to keep busy  Dogs need mental stimulation as much as we do.  For many dogs, a kong stuffed with peanut butter can be a great way to spend the morning.  Freezing the kong in advance can make the treat last even longer.  You can also purchase a puzzle ball to put their food in and challenge them to get the treats out.

Consider a dog walker  Fall schedules can get hectic and there’s nothing wrong with outsourcing some things on your to-do list.  A daily dog-walker can get your dog the exercise and stimulation they need during the day without you having to find time.


Times of transition are hard for dogs.  They enjoy having structure and spending time with their people.  Be patient with them and be flexible as your entire family adjusts to a new schedule.


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