Jun 16 2017

Fourth of July Pet Safety

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The Fourth of July is a picnic for us humans but can be a frightening experience for some pets. Between large family parties and loud bangs fireworks, some pets can become very anxious. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) wants to help you keep your pet safe during the festivities. Here are some helpful tips to follow throughout the day.

1. Prepare for the day by checking the information on your pet’s identification tag. Make sure all of the contact information is current and accurate.

2. Watch the temperature. Too much sun, heat, and humidity is dangerous for your pet. If it is very hot and humid, keep your pet inside. If outdoors, make sure they have plenty of shade and     water. Break times to cool off inside are a good idea, too.

3. If you need to run errands, never leave your pet in the car. The temperature in cars rises to extreme and dangerous levels very quickly. You should leave your pet at home if you plan on making stops.

4. Avoid giving your pets table scraps during your barbecue. It’s best to keep your pet away from the grill anyway since it gets very hot. Fatty, greasy foods often served at picnics can give your pet diarrhea or cause vomiting. Some foods are even toxic to pets, like onion, garlic, grapes, and more. Other foods, like corn cobs, can cause an obstruction and require surgery to remove it. The safest way to avoid any of these health issues is to avoid table food altogether.

5. Food in the trash still smells pretty good to your pet so keep trash in a secure container your pet cannot get to.

6. Keep your pets inside during fireworks. The loud crashes and bangs of fireworks can spook any pet, causing him to run away. The best way to ensure that doesn’t happen is to keep him inside. You can also provide your pet with a safe space to retreat to during fireworks, like his crate.

Knowing your pet is comfortable and happy on July 4 will help you relax and enjoy the holiday.

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